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The key to finding the right card is knowing where to start in the first place. Now, not everyone knows where to begin that’s why we cover simple topics so you can easily navigate this website.

Now start by choosing what best describes you:

  • Do you have excellent credit?
  • Do you have bad or poor credit?
  • Do you have no credit at all?

When applying for credit you will be categorized into one of the following four categories:
• Superstar Credit (rating> 780)
This rating takes into account all kinds of loans from study to car to mortgage and credit card loans. This rating is hard to achieve at a young age as it requires 5 to 10 years of on time payments. Credit cards from premier banks like American Express, Chase, and Citi are reserved for people in this group.
• Good Credit (rating> 700)
You will be approved for most of the credit cards if you have a credit rating over 700. This implies that you are using your credit card for at least two years and have paid your debts on time without having too many accounts. 0% intro APRs card like Discover it or the low interest credit card like Capital One Venture falls under this category.
• Average Credit (rating 600 to 700)
You credit card score falling within this bracket will prevent you from applying for many prime credit cards. Your credit rating falls under this bracket when you have just started using your card and missed one or two payments. However, Capital one has some low interest credit card to satisfy your need.
• Poor Credit (rating <600)
You need to take special assistance to get approved for credit cards if your credit rating falls under this category. Credit rating below 600 implies that you are missing your payments overtime or you have incurred a huge debt. Find out what is the highest interest credit cards allowed.

 Types of Credit Cards:

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Best Sites:

Here we put together the best websites that offer a unique or specific specialty. If you are interested finding a forum about the credit topic you are looking for. If you would like to find more information from the United States Government about your Fico score or credit history.

You can also find the best websites that offer credit monitoring. Do you want more information about department store credit cards? We recommend these websites for all the information you might need about this topic.

Looking for a gas card? When the gas credit card  is intended to cut your gas bills. It does not only cut costs, but also give you an opportunity to earn reward point which may be redeemed in form of point, cash back, or even credit.

Retail store credit cards are offered to every customer with every purchase.  Its easy to apply and usually receive  a percentage off your first purchase.  Store credit cards and department store credit cards are convenient to have but if not used carefully, these credit cards can get you in a lot of trouble.

Are you looking for a Gift Card? So if your looking for a gift card for the holidays, birthday, anniversary or you just want to thank someone. Try our recommended websites that offer you a wide range of gift cards.